Smart Cabinets

What are Smart Cabinets?

Smart cabinets are a range of cabinets with the ability to specify your own custom height, width and depth and have a range of options to customise the cabinet to best suit your needs.

Why would someone need Smart Cabinets?

More often than not the range of pre-fabricated or modular ‘off-the-shelf’ type cabinets don’t either fit correctly or simply don’t suit the design you want to achieve. By having a range of smart cabinets that you can adjust in almost any height, width and depth configuration means that you not only have greater flexibility, but that the cabinets will fit perfectly the available space. Plus, having smart cabinetry options like the number and type of shelves, hinges and drawer runners hardware options, etc, etc means that not only will the cabinetry fit your space perfectly, but that cabinetry will be perfectly designed for the use that you want it for.

Advantages of Smart Cabinets:

  • Highly Customisable Height, Width and Depths:
    You are able to specify your own Height, Width and Depth (yes all three) sizes and all to the exact millimeter – Perfect sized and perfect fitting cabinets.
  • Select from a range of Hinge and Drawer Runner options:
    Select the hardware that you want to use for the cabinet. Do you want extended opening hinges or/and soft close drawers ?The choice is yours.
  • Select from a range Handle options:
    Choose from a range of handle options or select no handles if none are needed or if you want to supply your own handles.
  • Add-on features to your cabinet like Number of Shelves:
    Enter the number of shelves that you would like for the cabinet and then choose a shelf type (adjustable or fixed) and you can even select distance that you want the shelf set back from the front of the cabinet. Just a sample of some of the options that you can do.
  • Add-on Left and/or Right Side Options for your Cabinet:
    Be able to specify what is happening on the Left and Right side of your cabinet, for example on the left side you can add a 30mm filler if the cabinet abuts a wall or a seen (Applied End) panel if the side of the cabinet is visible and you want to finish this off in the same colour as your doors or drawer fronts.
  • Add on a Kick board:
    Add on a kick board if needed and let the built-in smarts auto-calculate the length for you or over-ride this length with your own custom length -The choice is yours.
  • Special Requests:
    The flexability to add in ‘Special Requests’ for a specific cabinet, for example: “notch out the right rear of the cabinet by 300mm wide x 200mm deep”
  • Material and Colour Options:
    Not only can you select from a large range of materials and colours for you smart cabinets, but you can also select different materials, colours and profiles for Kick boards and Panel finishes.
  • Better Quality Cabinets:
    All Australian made cabinets using quality Australian made boards. The flat packs are cut using precise CNC machinery for a accuracy and premium finish of cut and superior world class German Hardware (Hettich)

Smart Cabinets were developed because our customers, builders and other tradespeople wanted a far superior cabinet than you can get from the local hardware store, one that could be designed to fit into their space perfectly with no ugly large packing fillers to make up the gaps. They wanted custom made cabinetry (without compromises) but in a flat pack form that they can assemble and install themselves.

As everyone is different with different needs, requirements and of course different outcome expectations there was a huge market to supply a better solution, better than just one cabinet type to suit everyone so the smart cabinets range was created.

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