Why Choose Us?

Yes, we all know that your local hardware store sells flat packs, but they are all rigid/modular fixed sizes and they force you to try to conform and work around their sizes. The old ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach certainly applies with the hardware store flat packs and providing your room fits the exact size of their cabinetry, then it could work…

But what if, like in the real world, your room doesn’t fit this perfect model? Chances are it won’t, as Australian homes aren’t specifically built for modular, set-sized cabinetry.

This is where our system comes into its own, it’s our point of difference. At OzFlatPacks we allow (no, encourage is more the word) you to step outside the world of modular and have perfectly designed and manufactured cabinets that works with your room layout & design choice, at the price of an off-the-shelf flat pack. Plus, this opens up lots of other (better) design options and choices that you could try.

You no longer need to compromise with the old ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – Now you have a choice!

OzFlatPacks is a 100% Australian privately owned and managed wide flat pack manufacturing company, focused on supplying both the DIY’er and Trade Professionals alike. We supply one-off, single cabinets and bench tops, to complete home fit-outs including kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and laundries. We can do this fast and we can do this cheaper because of our world class, custom designed automation software, our unique on-line website ordering portal and of course our dedicated staff.

We are in all the capital cities and even some of the country’s most remote locations (over 150 depot/factory locations) and we can freight to any corner of Australia, or your can choose to pick-up from the factory/depot direct -The choice is yours.

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide a fully on-line quoting and ordering web based system, which offers the level of customisation that our customers need, whilst also being easy and simple to use and at the lowest possible price. Over 17 years of research and development has gone into our OzFlatPacks on-line system and back office procedures. Whilst we are a market leader in both our on-line website portal and the flat pack quality that we produce, our innovated business approach means that we don’t sit still, we are always listening to our customers and refining/modifying our system to remain at the forefront our our industry not just for today, but for the years that follow.

We have at OzFlatPacks, developed a creative yet powerful solution to ordering flat pack cabinetry in Australia. It’s easy to use and very customisable and during this time, OzFlatPacks has built an impressive and versatile network of factories and depots for every main distribution centre in Australia. Our factories utilise the latest in CNC machinery and cutting edge manufacturing software, so we can not only ensure quality control, but we can cater for single cabinet orders and large product runs with ease.

Give us a try and let OzFlatPacks prove to you that not only can we do this better, but offer much higher quality whilst saving you money at the same time. We will give you cabinetry that you will be truly happy with and willing to show off to all your friends for years to come. By doing the assembly yourself, you know you’ll also save big $$$ along the way, and be proud of something you built yourself.

With OzFlatPacks, you get superb craftsmanship, quality materials and an enormous colour range at a price difference you just won’t beat, when compared to a custom fitted kitchen, laundry or whatever and because we are Australia wide, if you do have a problem, we are just around the corner and able to help you fix it faster.

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