Door & Drawer Fronts: Vinyl Wrap Finish

Vinyl Wrap doors and panels are a medium budget option. It is not only a durable, beautiful finish but comes in a wide range of colours and door profiles to suit any decor.

Vinyl Wrap finishes available:

Texture Finish

Gloss Finish

Styles & Profiles:

There are a range of different Styles & Profiles to choose from:

Plain -No Profile:

This range has no face profile, it is a flat faced door.

Standard Range:

This range has a traditional square or arched routered profile in the face of the door.

Designer Range:

This range has a modern range routered profiles in the face of the door, suit modern designed homes.

Handleless Range:

This range has a handle groove routered into the top of the door and the rest of the door is a flat faced door. It is a very modern look without having to have the need for traditional handles.

Shaker Range:
This is a door with the face of the door routered out and is also know as a farmhouse, colonial or country style door. It is very popular at the moment.

To view all the face profiles for all the materials, Click here:

All our Vinyl Wrap doors and panels come from 18mm thick board material manufactured right here in Australia and comply 100% with Australian standards -We don’t import or use inferior boards to make our doors. The Vinyl edges are seamless and have a durable long lasting surface.