Other Useful Information

Before you get cracking on the assembly of your cabinetry, please have a look here, as this area contains specific information to help you to speed up the process and reduce errors that you may make along the way.

TIP: If you have ordered an accessory item (e.g bin system etc) be sure that you have read the supplier’s assembly instructions before you assemble that particular cupboard. Note: Our cupboards do not come pre-drilled for accessory products.

NOTE: Ensure that you install the drawer fronts in their correct sequential order (as the drawer fronts can vary in size). If the sticker says drawer #1 this is the top drawer for example.

With some materials, these materials come with a very thin, clear protective coating over the face (by the manufacturers of the material). Generally this applies to the gloss finishes on most laminates and vinyl wrap materials, however can extend to other finishes of laminates and vinyl’s as well.

Sometimes the clear protective coating is so fine that you can’t see that there is a coating on there at all. Other times it is very noticeable. Mostly however you can check the face of the material and if it looks like there are scratches or makes then most like this will have a protective coating over it. In order to check to see if there is a protective coating on some of your parts, watch this quick video below: