Wall Oven Cabinet with Microwave

Doors & Drawers Open

The assembly instructions for this wall oven plus microwave cabinet has not been completed as yet, but here is a rough guide to assist you.

This cabinet is made up of 3x sections:

  • a base oven section
  • an open Microwave section
  • an upper cabinet section.

The example cabinet has only a right hand Applied End option, as the Left End is to abut another Tall Cabinet (thus the Applied End on the left side is not needed).



To assemble the upper cabinet, and the Open Microwave section, click the link below:

Note:  The open microwave section is basically the same as the upper cabinet, but without the doors, so just follow the same instructions!

Upper Cabinet Assembly



To assemble the Base Drawer Section, it is basically the same as the Base Drawer Cabinet, click the button below:
Base Drawer Section Assembly