Wardrobe Internals

With the the old internals removed and the walls prepped & painted, you are ready for the new internals.

The example wardrobe below is of an existing wardrobe which had to be designed around the 3x existing hinged doors. There were a couple of special requests also with this one, like extra shelves.


Assembly Process:


1. Start with the left and right vertical blades first and lean up against both return walls. Insert the supplied cam fittings and then sit the top shelf on top and into the cam lugs and tighten the cam fittings to hold the 3 pieces together.



2. If you have included drawers, click below for Info on how to assemble these:
Drawer Unit



3. Starting from the left, install the left top fixing rail, then the left vertical divider, then the next top fixing rail and so on (always working from left to right). Then you can insert the drawer carcass & then any fixed shelves (using the supplied cam fittings).



4. Now you can screw the wardrobe internals to the walls via the top fixing rails and also through the left and right blades.


Where the blades come into contact with the walls, often there is a small gap (1 to 3mm) and this is due to slight variations within the wall itself.

Some people just ignore this, however if you have the time you can use some white chalking (no more gaps) to neatly and professionally seal this up –  it takes a little longer, but the end finish result is better. The chalking (no more gaps) and applicator gun is available from your local hardware store.

Insert your drawers and you are done!