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Hints & Tips – Kitchen

Design Hints & Tips The kitchen is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used room in the house, and the various functions the kitchen of today is asked to perform, requires accurate planning and good design. A good starting point is to look at the various ways in which your kitchen is used, how often…

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Kitchen Trends

The secret to a well-designed kitchen is finding the balance between style and function. This winning combination is influenced as much by the homeowner’s passion for cooking, as it is by the latest appliance trends and technology. Lifestyle trends play a big part in the modern kitchen design. In 2021/22, it is the modern straight-lined…

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Laminate Bench Top Tips

The over-hang of the bench top is normally 20mm past the front of the cabinet, for example: If the cabinet over-all depth (inc door) was to be 580mm (this is quite standard), then the bench top would normally be 600mm in depth (also referred to as ‘Width’). As a general rule, a benchtop along a…

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