Why Choose Us?

Yes, we all know that your local hardware store sells flat packs, but they are all rigid/modular fixed sizes and they force you to try to conform and work around their sizes. The old ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach certainly applies with the hardware store flat packs and providing your room fits the exact size of their cabinetry, then it could work… But what if, like in the real world, your room doesn’t fit this perfect model? Chances are it won’t, as Australian homes aren’t specifically built for modular, set-sized cabinetry. This is… Read more

Smart Cabinets

What are Smart Cabinets? Smart cabinets are a range of cabinets with the ability to specify your own custom height, width and depth and have a range of options to customise the cabinet to best suit your needs. Why would someone need Smart Cabinets? More often than not the range of pre-fabricated or modular ‘off-the-shelf’ type cabinets don’t either fit correctly or simply don’t suit the design you want to achieve. By having a range of smart cabinets that you can adjust in almost any height, width and depth configuration… Read more

Great Website

A great website is not just one that can supply some good information (content), but one that you can get prices from instantly and also formalize a quote from. A website based entirely upon your needs (without having to send off plans or a list of cabinets). It needs to be flexible, powerful, instant, provide good content, helpful and easy to navigate. We believe that our website offers all of this, but we also believe in listening to you and making changes to suit.

Australian Made Cabinetry

We manufacture all our flat packs right here in Australia and because we have a network of factories around Australia, we can also locally manufacture (we don’t import inferior cabinets from the likes of China). Our flat packs are Australian designed and manufactured, by Australians for Australia.

Australian Owned

We are a 100% Australian owned company. We are not some large corporate giant focused on cost cutting, higher profit taking and taking away Australia’s manufacturing jobs. We pride ourselves on our quality Australian product and exceptional customer service. We have been making cabinets for over 25 years, so we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that we get your job right, the first time around.

Family Owned

We are a family owned and operated business. We believe in the core family values and extend this on to our business as well. We employ local tradespeople, contribute to the local community and are actively involved in many charitable events, as a participant, volunteer and of course, contributor. We are not some large corporate business focused solely on the bottom line, giving little back to the local community.

Bench Tops

We offer laminate bench tops also to complement our cabinets. Our on-line website has an easy to use, fast, bench top quoting system already built in. You can enter your own sizes and our colour range is unlimited. All our bench tops are supplied with the joints already machined in and all joining bolts required for quick assembly – unlike the likes of some of the large international hardware chains, who only sell you blank strips and somehow expect you to do this yourself!

Colour Range

Unlimited colour palette available – it’s your home, so you should decide what colours that you want or if you want to save a little money, you can select from the standard range of colours offered -The choice is entirely yours.

Complete Packages

We also offer complete packages in kitchens and laundries, so if you don’t want to order individual cabinets or you are not sure where to start when it comes to designing, you just select the style that suits you best and get a whole package quoted instantly as a flat pack – easy. Not only that, but these packages are also flexible in size, so you can get one that perfectly fits your space as well.

DIY & Save $$$

Do it Yourself (DIY) assembly & installation and save thousands -it is easy and thousands are already doing it.

Delivery Australia Wide

We home deliver Australia wide or you can choose pick-up from your local factory or depot outlet (over 150 locations across Australia). When we home deliver, your flat pack will arrive in a purpose made, solidly constructed box. This approach ensures the greatest protection in transit and also means that parts or cabinets don’t get lost or mis-placed by freight companies. We want our flat packs to arrive damage-free.

Easy Assembly

Our flat packs have been designed for quick and easy assembly.  They are perfect for the DIY’er and they also come with full, easy to read instructions.