7 Year Guarantee

This guarantee covers the original Purchaser of the cabinetry products (including the cabinet carcasses, doors, panels, drawer fronts, and laminate bench tops), from substandard materials and/or substandard workmanship in the products. This guarantee only applies if the products are properly maintained and used for normal domestic use. The guarantee applies for the period of seven (7) years from pick-up or delivery of the products (7 Year Guarantee).
The 7 Year Guarantee does not cover defects caused by any of the following:

  • Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches and cuts) or damage caused by impacts or accidents;
  • Incorrect or negligent installation, construction, storage or assembly;
  • Assembly or installation contrary to the instructions provided;
  • Deliberate mistreatment, negligent use or misuse;
  • Insufficient or improper care (including using incorrect or inappropriate cleaning products or methods);
  • Failure to observe directions for care;
    Fading, discolouration or damage caused by exposure to intensive or excessive light, moisture or heat (including excessive steam on doors, panels, drawer fronts and cabinets);
  • Alterations, modifications or use of the products that are beyond or in a way which is inconsistent with the supplied product instructions and that have not been authorised by;
  • Alteration of the products caused by repairs which have not been authorised by (collectively referred to as Mistreatment); and
  • Water damage.

The 7 Year Warrantee does not cover:

  • Handles and knobs;
  • Accessories;
  • Appliances;
  • Acrylic Bench tops; and
  • Sinks & Taps.

This 7 Year Guarantee is null and void if any other entity repairs or alters the products without the prior consent of

This 7 Year Guarantee is null and void if products have been used for public use, outdoors or in a corrosive environment.

The Hettich Hardware Limited Lifetime Guarantee:

Hettich Australia Pty Ltd ACN 1156 9515 611 (Hettich Australia), guarantees all its products subject to the Conditions of Sale, accessible on the Hettich website at

Hettich Australia provides a limited lifetime guarantee on hardware components being hinges, drawer runners, pull-out pantries and Hettich branded accessories. Products for which repair is claimed in accordance with this guarantee are to be sent directly to Hettich with proof of purchase.

Hettich will rectify, without charge to you, damage or faults on products proven to their satisfaction to be caused by an error in manufacture. No claim can be made for slight discrepancies from specifications which are immaterial to the value and usability of the products, damage due to the chemical and electrochemical effects of water or generally inappropriate use or environmental conditions.

  • The Hettich guarantee operates under the following conditions:
  • Any parts replaced become the property of Hettich Australia;
  • The warranty expires if unauthorised persons repair or interfere with the products, or if the products are fitted with supplementary parts or accessories that are not suited;
  • Repairs under warranty do not extend the guarantee period and do not initiate a new guarantee period and the warranty period for any replacement parts fitted, ends together with the guarantee for the entire product;
  • The guarantee is not transferrable.

Hettich Australia Pty Ltd:

Head Office Australia
1 Herbert Place
Smithfield NSW 2164
Phone 1800 HETTICH · Fax 1800 150 129 Identity acknowledges that under applicable State, Territory and Commonwealth law, including but not limited to the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), certain conditions and warranties may be implied and rights conferred upon the Purchaser in relation to the products which cannot be altered by the 7 Year Guarantee and Hettich Hardware Limited Lifetime Guarantee (Guarantees) or any agreement (Statutory Rights).

Any rights conferred upon the Purchaser by the Guarantees are in addition to and do not detract from these Statutory Rights. Identity excludes all express or implied conditions and warranties in relation to the products other than the express terms of the Warranties and any Statutory Rights. responsibility to the Purchaser is, to the extent permitted by law, limited to the terms of the Warranties.

Under the Warranties, will provide, at option:

  • A replacement product of a defective product which is unfit for purpose in its materials or workmanship; or
  • Where possible, a replacement component for a component of the product that is defective in its materials or workmanship and renders the product unfit for purpose. reserves the right for the product to be inspected by an authorised representative prior to any claim being processed. If a product is no longer available and cannot be repaired, will, in its absolute discretion, replace the product with a substitute item.

The Warranties will not apply unless the Purchaser has advised in writing no later than twenty one (21) days after an alleged warranty defect becomes apparent to the Purchaser. will not be responsible for any freight, installation and/or setup costs incurred during any replacement or repair of the product. Replaced products will become the property of will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for consequential damages (such as loss of use) inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, whether direct, indirect or economic and whether arising in contract or tort. In no event shall’s responsibility exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement. The Guarantees are valid from the date of purchase and proof of purchase must be provided when making a claim. The Guarantees are not transferable, including to subsequent property owners.

No other express warranty or representation has been made or will be made on behalf of with respect to products and its parts, or the operation, repair or replacement of the products and its parts. No representative of or its distributors or retailers are authorised to make any changes or modifications to these Guarantees.