Pricing  Ozflatpacks Smart Cabinets

The traditional printed out price list (via say an excel spreadsheet, word or PDF) may still work with old modular, set sized cabinetry from the likes of IKEA, Bunnings and the like but this does not work for Ozflatpacks Smart Cabinets.

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A printed out price list for Smart Cabinets would be a nightmare to navigate with so many options available. So what was the solution? To create an dynamic cabinet form on the internet so that when you could enter your sizes and select your options to get your instant price. Not only that, but when you do you instantly begin creating your quote that you can add to, subtract and modify on-line.

This has proven to be a far better approach that the old printed out tables of codes and prices as it's all dynamic, clean, instant and can be saved for later.


Advantages to getting your quote online

  • Prices Available instantly.
  • Highly customisable options.
  • Prices always kept up-to-date (unlike a printed form).
  • Fast and easy.
  • Once you have your price you have already started creating your quote without having to do anything else.
  • The prices that you get can be easily saved (without having to go back through reams of paper to try to find the price again).
  • No need to to wavier through pages of codes and prices trying to find the correct matrix table that may suit you.

This website allows you to quickly and easily navigate directly to the exact cabinet that you require, plus you are able to customise this to your exact sizes and add things like number of shelves, kick boards, coloured side panels and things like that.

How much will it Cost?

A smart cabinet is made up of different parts and each part size varies depending on the cabinets size (custom height, width and depth dimensions).

Not only that, but within each actual cabinet there are further customizable options such as type of hinges, drawer runners and handle options -which also effect the price.

Plus the cabinets have the ability to have kick boards added, seen (applied) side panels and/or fillers included.

Everyone wants to save money right, I mean that is why you are looking at a flat pack option in the first place? Sure, you are already saving money by getting a flat pack kitchen and ordering it on-line, but you want to save even more money as it is a rental property or money is really tight.

Here are our the top 7 ways to save the most amount of money...

Prices Cut

Our customers require that the flat pack cabinets are to be the lowest price possible without compromising on quality or functionality.

This is achieved by regularly doing an in depth review of each cabinet, from office systems and procedures to the manufacturing process and right through all of the delivery/depot/factory pick-up options.

You don't need to create a log-in account, just supply your name or email address to start creating your on-line quote .

The prices are extremely competitively priced, saving you money.

That is our best price guaranteed to you.